12th International Congress on Geosynthetics – Rome

In September, I attended the 12th International Congress on Geosynthetics, the flagship event of the International Geosynthetics Society. In addition to presenting a paper – “White Polyethylene Geomembrane: Forensic and Laboratory Evidence for Superior Durability” , co-authored with Adam Maskal of Solmax, I received an IGS Service Award, recognizing my contributions to the IGS.

It was also a very active event for the IGS Foundation – a video I produced recognizing the Foundation’s continuing donor is linked on the IGS Foundation https://theigsfoundation.com/ website and a second video announced the launch of the IGS Sustainability Calculator – an initiative I completed in my role as the IGS’s Sustainability committee co-chair. The video and other details can be found here: https://www.geosyntheticssociety.org/sustainability/calculator/ .

It was good to see many old friends and colleagues, including many from China, who sent a large delegation. Other activities included the Diversity initiative breakfast, a Foundation donors meeting and many other events.