Very likely you have reached this webpage because you are interested in my services, time and talents.

Before you go a lot further, let’s agree not to waste a lot of each other’s time.

I have a strong chemistry background and three decades of experience in the plastics industry, two decades of that in the geosynthetics industry. I solve problems and create or protect value for those who hire me. I don’t like or use industry buzzwords, the latest business fad or anything that is really too complicated. If you are organized, detail oriented, have a clear objective and can readily separate facts from opinion and bullshit, one can accomplish a great deal in a short period of time. Perhaps because I have a great deal of experience, I value experience. I have hired, fired, succeeded and failed on multiple occasions and learned from each one. I don’t have the same experience or perspective over and over and I understand a lot of “what I don’t know” and I am confident in that what I do know and do.

I hope that you are interested and have something interesting to discuss getting involved in.

Take a look around the website and if you think I can help you, drop me a line.