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Sustainability performance 2023

So how did I do last year?…well, better, but still not good enough. On a personal basis, I am relatively content. I dramatically reduced automobile usage in 2023, converting to train for several trips that I would have driven prior, as well as reducing the overall volume of travel. Lots of video conferencing and only […]

2022 Sustainability review – Boyd Ramsey

At the end of 2022, I feel compelled to spend some time and words on my personal sustainability progress this year.  A bit of good news is that this topic tends to be in the forefront of my thoughts and my conscious decision making, at least more so than in the past years.  I still […]

Sustainability update #5

I continue to extend my efforts in personal (and industry) sustainability.  I have made a second trip to Australia and again offset my CO2 emissions.  I write this from a hotel in the USA on my third and likely final trip of the year.  I continue to struggle with the conflicting need to “physically see […]