Boyd Ramsey ContactOne of the privileges I have had in my life is the opportunity to travel extensively.  I have worked in over 50 countries, visited several more and lived in the USA, China and now in France.  In the covid era, clearly travel is restricted, however I use Zoom, Team and other video connections to maintain close relationships with my clients.

The most reliable and fastest way to reach me is via email at I check this many times a day regardless of location. If I am/will be off the internet, you will receive an out of office reply message, otherwise a same day or next day response should be forthcoming.

My cell phone number is via the United States +1 281 797 61 83. I will answer if possible but this service is not nearly as globally reliable as email.

If you have to mail me something, please scan and email for a prompt response. I do not use postal mail.

Thank you!


Boyd J. Ramsey
Phone: +01 281 797 6183