Boyd Ramsey lectures at Educate the Educators – Phillippines

On April 27 and 28th, 2017 an Educate the Educators event was held in Manila, Philippines at the National Engineering Center on the University of the Philippines campus.  I delivered three lectures; on geosynthetic barrier performance (2) and the IGS 50-minute lecture introducing geosynthetics to an undergraduate engineering class.   The event was attended by over 50 representatives from 20 plus universities and institutions within the Philippines.  Over two days, the audience was trained in the uses and educational materials for geosynthetics at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.  This event follows Educate the Educator events in China (2016) and the USA (2015).  The goal of these programs is to have graduating engineers familiar with and ready to use geosynthetics on day one of their engineering careers.  I will continue to support this program to the greatest extent possible. Additional information, including how to initiate hosting such an event can be found on the IGS website.